How to Create a Consistent Practice

When I first started practicing yoga, going to class was my saving grace. I would work all day, and it wasn’t until after work that I’d hit my mat. You could say we had a great relationship. Enough so, that I decided to ask her to go steady and jump in to a 200-hour teacher[…]

20 Minute Kapha Balancing Sequence

During the winter months, we can often find ourselves in deep with kapha. Although kapha is extremely important for our overall health and well being, as with all things ayurvedic, balance is key. In this article I’ve outlined the dominant qualities of kapha, and offered an all levels guided practice to support keeping it in check. Happy[…]

Recommended Reading List

Yoga can be an entirely experiential activity, but to delve deeply into theory, that’s where the magic begins to truly blossom. One of the coolest things that I realized once I started reading about yoga, was that a lot of the positive effects and changes I was feeling and experiencing from my physical practice were being[…]

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga classes are known for their dance-like flows as well as the variety of poses from class to class. There are many permutations of sequences in this style of yoga that range from  slower and alignment-focused to faster power flows that are filled with arm balances and inversions. What I like best about teaching these types of[…]