Life and Breath

We have an inhale when we are born. We have an exhale when we pass. We have no control over this inevitability of life. Where we have choice is in the dance between these two defining moments. We must first surrender to the process of life. We must accept that we will die, that all living things will one day die. It is then that we are able to live beautifully and fearlessly. What we do with our lives defines what we leave behind; it is our legacy.

The most important question in that is, “What will bring my soul a sense of fulfillment?”. The answer to that resides in you but is ultimately found in our relationships. The relationship we have with ourselves. The relationships we build and cultivate with others that both help us ascend and help the other(s) ascend. The relationships we let go of and learn from. The relationships we lose in the process of life.

So ask yourself everyday, “Who do I want to be?”, “What is it that I can do in this life to make the world a better place?”, “How do my actions effect the world and people of the world?”. Free of fear you will see nothing but beauty and love in this life. You will cultivate nothing but beauty and love. Even in the most painful of life moments there is opportunity. Hurt is real. Pain is real. But our perception of these things will define us. Our breath inside of every moment, will define us. If you want to vanquish suffering, you must learn to point the mind. To learn to point the mind, you must understand how to control the breath.