Happy New Year & Thank You

2017 rocked my world, but I love that I get to end it on a positive note with you, because even when my list of things that did not go so well was quite long, my list of gratitude for what went well was much longer and YOU are a big reason for that.

Here are some highlights from my year:

I finally made it to Bali which has been a dream travel destination for me for over a decade. When I arrived and saw the gorgeous landscape (specifically the astonishing rice terraces) I wanted to scream with happiness and joy. Big dream come true.

I felt much appreciation, love and support from my friends, family, and yoga community and when I questioned myself or the world, I could always count on it, which is so precious to me.

I was truly inspired by my teachers, and challenged by my mistakes and the lessons life kept sending me this year. So grateful to have teachers, mentors and yogis in my life who remind me why we practice and proud of myself for meditating (almost) every day.

I learned to ask for help and collaboration and to let go a bit more of my desire to be perfect. I honored my needs and stuck to speaking my truth, even when it wasn’t easy. Thank you for those who were there to listen.

I brought a new little bug into my life, Lily. This small kitten has brought love, tenacity, and joy to me every day. I pretty much want to strangle her every other minute; but when she comes and snuggles up to me on the couch, or leaps from the couch, to the wall, to the cat tree, to the window, to the bathroom, to the bed and back again with a small meow, I can’t help but laugh. She’s a bundle of everything.

And last but not least, I created my first teacher training manual and it was a labor of love through every single step. I learned and relearned more about yoga in the process and solidified my love for this theory and science. I am so blessed to have this as my career path!

For 2018 I wish for all of us to be happy, healthy and in pursuit passionately towards our goals. What we do makes a difference in this world everyday! So make all of it count. Keep your head up/strong through any shit, and keep your smile high and present through the good times. The fluctuations of life are inevitable, but one great take away from my teacher this year carries insurmountable truth: “Attitude is everything”.

Cheers to 2018! Dream big and love deeply!


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