Fall Yoga/Ayurvedic Cleansing: Rejuvenation Phase

banyan-winter-2-24The final and most important part of our cleanse has arrived- Rejuvenation. Now that the body has cleared itself of imbalances and things not serving, you’re ready to receive. “Rejuvenation practices are usually sweet and comforting, and most people find this phase of cleansing quite enjoyable(1)”.

Hopefully the reintroduction phase has allowed your body to slowly acclimate to more complex foods as well as offered  you the opportunity to support building and rebuilding habits and patterns that are ultimately supportive of your total wellness. If you feel like maintaining a simplistic diet that aligns with your dosha, that it always highly recommended.

It’s important to remember that a principle of Ayurveda that holds great importance is the recognition that all of us are individuals. It’s typically recommended that your rejuvenation period be anywhere from one to three months. The timing choice is in your hands. Sometimes what you might participate in might be something as simple as adding in a particular herb to your diet, sometimes it might be choosing to fully release a practice, such as drinking coffee on a daily basis. All of these choices will arise out of the wisdom you yourself uncovered during your cleanse. What serves you? What creates imbalance? Where can you find a healthy give and take?


Diet is at the core of our health. Every system in the body works off of the fuel that we offer it. A whole foods, well cooked diet is most optimal for all doshas. Think about it from the perspective of prana (life force), feeding yourself foods that are living and vibrant will bring greater benefit than foods that are packaged and/or old. I’m not saying go toss your microwave out and never eat left overs, but consider what it is that will make you feel most vivacious. When you’re staring at a warm curry or a bowl of cold cereal what would you intuitively think would be most nurturing to your tissues? It’s simple as is most of the diet science of Ayurveda. Keep yourself nourished. For some great ideas, please refer to Banyan Botanicals Rejuvenation Guide as a wonderful source for recipes and herbs to consider adding into your daily routine.

I would recommend that everyone begin to take the herb Triphala. Triphala is widely used in the science of Ayurveda for it’s amazing benefits surrounding both detoxification and rejuvenation. There really isn’t any other herb out there. You can buy this in bulk (fair warning it’s got a unique taste to it!) or in tablet form for daily consumption. You can also find it in a liquid extract however, I consider this form best used for things like travel- short stints of time as it is more often than not based in alcohol and can generally cause drying in the colon if used over too long a period of time.

Chyavanprash is also an incredible rejuvenate! It is an ancient herbal formula containing both ghee and honey—which both help to deliver the herbs to the tissues. Chyavanprash can be taken alone, it can be stirred into milk or water, or it can be spread on toast, bread, or crackers—like any other jam(2)”.

There are other wonderfully supportive products to invite and I’ll shoot you back to Banyan Botanicals site for more information to gain further insight. If you haven’t picked up on it, I believe they have the best content and products around, so use them as a resource!


At this point, you can start to work back into your regular exercise routine. The greatest pursuit would be to maintain a witness state and notice how your exercise makes you feel. Again we are touching on feeling overly tired/exhausted/depleted or nurtured. For me (as most of you well know) a hard, sweaty, hot practice is my jam and when I come away from the top of my mat, I feel rejuvenated! Some folks need something that’s more calming (pitta types) while others need more of a push (kapha). If you step back into your regular routine and it’s not as fulfilling as it used to be, or you’re noticing you’re walking away from it feeling less than optimal, it might be wise to assess whether or not a different practice all together might be more in alignment with what you truly need. Be open! Try new classes if you think that might be best, you never know what might take you to the next level.

My ultimate advice here is to play. See what works best.


Sleep has been strongly stressed throughout our entire cleanse. Rejuvenation is going to continue to weave that thread. Continue to keep it in the forefront of your mind. As stated in my previous article, articulate your optimal time and start and/or continue to adhere to this. Consider it one of the most important thing that you can do for yourself every night! Rest!


Congratulations!- You’ve done a beautiful thing working through a fall cleanse. I hope that it’s brought you a lot of insight and helped paved the path into the winter months. Remember to keep attune to how you’re adjusting to all the incremental weather changes and know that winter is just around the corner and with every season we need to assess and reassess what and how we are supporting ourselves. Enjoy this time of rejuvenation and keep nourishing yourself! If you have any questions, throw them down in the comments section and I will answer to the best of my abilities!

Happy fall!


(1)(2)–> Banyan Botanicals