Yoga Teachers: How to Build a Playlist

There are many ways to sequence a class. Whether you are steering your students towards a peak posture, or simply looking to create a well-rounded full body practice, music can impact the way the class is received by your students. Now, the world of music is vast, and this is a beautiful thing as it[…]

Benefits of a Yoga Teacher Training | What If I Don’t Want to Teach?

Beyond the investment of both time and money, a very common question is; “Would I benefit from a teacher training if I don’t want to teach yoga?” The answer is simple: YES! There are numerous benefits of that come out of embarking on the journey of a teacher training. Here are 5 Benefits to Consider[…]

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Apoyo Lodge, Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua June 2nd – 23rd, 2020 Surrounded by lush jungle this stunning and peaceful space overlooks an undisturbed lagoon. This boutique Nicaraguan retreat center is a magical hidden gem that truly must be experienced. Located on the shore of Laguna de Apoyo, this property is encompassed within stunning gardens with cozy[…]

Yoga is a Mirror

Yoga is a mirror. It has the ability to show you—you. But then again, so does everything else you do.  So what’s so special about yoga? There are many new-age yoga tropes, however, this is one I resonate with for it reveals the power of what yoga can really do. It can allow us to see, and therefore[…]

Surviving a Yoga Teacher Training | How to Prepare

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training may come with both excitement and its shadow—anxiety. Totally normal. Yoga Journal has an incredible article on how to prepare yourself for your upcoming training. I couldn’t have written it better myself, so I’m going to share their link and let you ask more questions from there! I’ve also been[…]


You can be messy. You can be uncertain. You can be scared…. But #showup anyway. With the next adventure quickly approaching, I’m hitting those ‘departure’ feels. Traveling long distances changes your entire life. My schedule now will be 100% different in less than two weeks. New bed, new people, new job, new ocean. It causes[…]

Ride +

I was recently interviewed by a local podcast crew to talk about yoga and my life. I’ve been blessed with this gift twice now and it is just that- -an incredible blessing. I’ve been experiencing an abundance of change in almost every aspect of. my. life. recently. It’s been a time of great shift. Torn from the[…]

Change Truly is, the Only Constant. 

Not everything will go as you expect in your life. This is why you have to give yourself permission to drop all of your expectations and go with the flow.  Change truly is, the only constant.    Change is inevitable in this beautiful journey we call life. There is much to be said for the[…]

Happy New Year & Thank You

2017 rocked my world, but I love that I get to end it on a positive note with you, because even when my list of things that did not go so well was quite long, my list of gratitude for what went well was much longer and YOU are a big reason for that. Here[…]