Yoga Teachers: How to Build a Playlist

There are many ways to sequence a class. Whether you are steering your students towards a peak posture, or simply looking to create a well-rounded full body practice, music can impact the way the class is received by your students. Now, the world of music is vast, and this is a beautiful thing as it[…]

Benefits of a Yoga Teacher Training | What If I Don’t Want to Teach?

Beyond the investment of both time and money, a very common question is; “Would I benefit from a teacher training if I don’t want to teach yoga?” The answer is simple: YES! There are numerous benefits of that come out of embarking on the journey of a teacher training. Here are 5 Benefits to Consider[…]

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Apoyo Lodge, Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua June 2nd – 23rd, 2020 Surrounded by lush jungle this stunning and peaceful space overlooks an undisturbed lagoon. This boutique Nicaraguan retreat center is a magical hidden gem that truly must be experienced. Located on the shore of Laguna de Apoyo, this property is encompassed within stunning gardens with cozy[…]

Yoga is a Mirror

Yoga is a mirror. It has the ability to show you—you. But then again, so does everything else you do.  So what’s so special about yoga? There are many new-age yoga tropes, however, this is one I resonate with for it reveals the power of what yoga can really do. It can allow us to see, and therefore[…]