January 25, 2018

“I’m going to start by saying Lindsey’s classes and teachings were so well prepared and on point that she was absolutely that ONE teacher that we learned the most from on our YTTC. And not just about philosophy; cueing, different types of sequencing, hands on adjustments and how to put yourself out there as a new teacher and find work. Her knowledge is limitless and she was definitely the perfect choice to lead.

Apart from her amazing teaching skills, she connected with the entire group so well and was able to lend an ear and offer support especially around the last week when pressures arose. Moreover, she understood students so well and was a huge part of my personal development during the Y


This was Lindsey’s first time teaching at Samma Karuna and I truly believe the group got really lucky with her. She was truly phenomenal.

Umar Muneer
IG: @yogawithumar

I’d been practicing yoga for 12 years when I took Lindsey’s class for the first time. Never had I been as gracefully challenged by an instructor to step into my power and take it to my edge.

The way Lindsey leads her students into transformation through posture and breath is revelatory and beautiful. Her classes, while physically challenging, forced me to turn my attention inward and face my truth in a way I’d never done before.

Through her powerful yet gentle guidance I was able to break old habits and peel back the layers that allow me to see more clearly the truest version of myself. It is an honor to be led by her. The extra toned triceps and glute​​s are just a bonus!

K. Callahan

After having a fairly consistent yoga practice for about 5 years, I took my first class from Lindsey in early 2017. I immediately knew she was an instructor from whom I wanted to learn and work with.

Whether a vigorous hot vinyasa flow or a more theoretical, less movement-filled class, Lindsey is attentive and provides amazing instruction. Her background knowledge of yoga — which she consistently and continually delves into both in class and for herself — is outstanding. Even in large flow classes, she takes the time to provide the “why” for the various poses and integrates details about movement and breathing techniques into each class.

I’m a huge fan of the integration of breath, heart, and movement in yoga, so I favor vinyasa style, which Lindsey excels at teaching. Lindsey has something of her personal “standard flow”, as most teachers do, but she always adds a new piece — pose, breath work, story, or some combination — into class. It’s not a random thing; everything is done or added with thought and care.

The best part of Lindsey’s yoga instruction is her intention and ability to engage and challenge students. She is incredibly strong (physically and mentally) and inspiring. I leave every class with new knowledge, a stronger body, an open mind and heart, and a smile.

J. Ocken

Lindsey radiates authenticity and good vibes – I immediately feel more at peace in her presence. Her classes will take you on a journey…body, mind and spirit. Lindsey’s style is uniquely her own and every class is truly one of a kind. She challenges you to push beyond your comfort zones, while guiding you through each posture with amazing attention to detail.

My awareness of proper alignment has improved so much under her instruction. And her music is simply the best – like a soundtrack to your soul. I always leave Lindsey’s classes inspired by her words and elevated by her energy.

 B. Gordien

I am happy to broadcast my gratitude for Lindsey in hopes that other yogis will be blessed to know her too. I’ve been practicing with her for about 1.5 years and it has been very inspiring.

One of the things that makes Lindsey such an amazing teacher is her clear passion and dedication to the practice. She truly wants to share her knowledge and all the benefits of yoga with her students. She motivates us in mastering the “Asanas” (poses) without compromising the breath. Therefore, awareness of breath and synchronizing breath is what makes yoga, yoga; and not gymnastics or any other physical practice.

She is fun, loving, welcoming, embracing, and most important; she respects everyone’s weakness and strengths. Her adjustments have helped me deepen my practice and I am very thankful for that. I highly recommend Lindsey’s class to all yoga lovers out there!

F. Coletti