Fall Yoga/Ayurvedic Cleansing: Rejuvenation Phase

The final and most important part of our cleanse has arrived- Rejuvenation. Now that the body has cleared itself of imbalances and things not serving, you’re ready to receive. “Rejuvenation practices are usually sweet and comforting, and most people find this phase of cleansing quite enjoyable(1)”. Hopefully the reintroduction phase has allowed your body to[…]

Fall Yoga/Ayurvedic Cleansing: Reintroduction Phase

We are beginning now to step out of the Active Cleansing Phase and move slowly into Reintroduction. “After you complete the active cleansing phase, your body will still be processing the toxins that were stirred into circulation. And your digestive system will have become accustomed to a very clean diet and will be somewhat sensitive to[…]

Fall Yoga/Ayurvedic Cleansing: Preparation Phase

It’s the time of year where the leaves begin to change from green to miraculous shades of red, orange and yellow. Scarves get pulled out of the closet and blankets rest on the side of the couch. As the seasons change, so do the needs of our bodies. Transitioning from summer season (pitta) into fall[…]

Yoga for Life YO!

Yoga for Runners Yoga for Stress Relief Yoga for Rock Climbers Yoga for Sleep Yoga for Chronic Pain Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Yoga for a Healthy Spine Yoga for Men Yoga for Women Yoga for Queers Yoga for Sexual Renewal Yoga for Athletes Yoga for Children…. There is honestly NO DOUBT in my mind[…]

Qualities of a Good Student

We can all agree yoga is popular. Its popularity isn’t new, in fact yoga has stood the test of time with over 5,000 years behind its back. However, modern day life that includes such things as yoga celebrities, self marketing via social media and the relative onslaught of ‘yoga teachers’ graduating from yoga school; the[…]

Teachers: What You Say Matters

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of classes around town, getting to know different teachers and experiencing different studios. Something that I’ve come to realize is that what you say as a teacher really matters. There are cues that have been handed down among the ages like “let your sit bones smile” (ok not really[…]

What Brings You to Your Mat?

Yoga asks us to dig deep… into our bodies, muscles, joints, organs. Into our minds, our psychology, our emotions. Into our desires and beliefs. Yoga calls us to a higher self, a witness, and asks us to shine acceptance into everything we find. At first, we’re not accustomed to looking at ourselves so deeply. We[…]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…(to teach yoga).

  You just finished your first 200hour teacher training and the world is bright. Your practice is stronger than ever, you have new ideas and you’re ready to get out into the world to teach. But what exactly should you be prepared for when you’re walking into your first (of probably many) demo auditions? The[…]

10 Yoga Poses for Relaxation & Calming

The fight or flight response is a stress reaction. It stems from an ancient mechanism of survival and is now causing duress in our lives increasing the occurrence of chronic anxiety. Being late to a meeting, not getting an assignment done on time, getting unsound or unplentiful sleep, relationship issues…. the list is bountiful- stress happens![…]

How the Doshas Influence the Stages of Life

If you have read even a little into the science of Ayurveda, you will have more than likely come across the words vata, pitta and kapha. These words represent the Ayurvedic constitutions or doshas. To review: Vata – Vata is ruled by ether and air. The qualities of vata are light, cold, dry, rough, mobile, subtle,[…]